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Feeling Poorly

Aug 11 2009

I don't know if its the meds, the way I'm eating, herxheimer or what, but I feel like crap. Couldn't handle the Mepron/Zith combo which is good in a financial way. Couldn't afford iteither.

Started a new regimen of Larium and Biaxin. Either its making me very ill or working really well and I'm suffering a huge die off or both. My head hurts, shortness of breath, blurred vision, fatigue (always), feel very foggy and unable to finish thoughts. Pain meds help but only for such a short time. Doesn't seem enough without taking more than prescribed which I would do if it didn't give me such a stomach ache and too much acetaminaphine with all the other drugs I take too much for my liver. There must be something that would work better and longer?

I hate taking the pills, all of them. Makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. Vertigo is really bad, but I don't want to complain to doc will just mean another pill and more side effects. This sucks. I am so tired of being sick. The larium has possible side effects of deppression but I already feel a bit that way already so I'm sure that does not help.

If this gets much worse I think I will abandon my ABX treatment course and try more naturals which I have already integrated into treatment.

Have started an adrenal support natural called ashwaganda. This has been a huge help with my energy level. Now I can last for longer stretches feeling like crap before needing to rest. Ironic, now if only I could feel a bit more human while I am accomplishing nothing all day and have a bit of energy back.

Thank goodness I have this place to complain, my husband has no idea how lucky he is too. :) I would be burdening him further if I did not have this outlet.

Is there anyone who may happen to read this from the Washington area? I feel kinda lonely as if most of my fellow lymies are all so far away. Just curious, it seems most people in my area including medical pros say this is not an issue in our state. Not many studies even looking over here. Is this really the way it is?

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written by Zeke, August 12, 2009
I have a friend here that said when she started the Mepron she thought she felt like she was dying, but then she believed it paid off in the long run. So many things we go through, the guess work of what to do is enough to drive you crazy. I am sorry you are feeling bad, give me a call if you want. Love, Rhetta

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