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  "I wear this ribbon to remind people of my loss." (MarianneJ)

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cappymuir"MDJunction means to me the freedom to express my feelings without being interrupted and knowing there are others that can share their experience too. As a Leader it is a to show compassion and give support to all the members and always listen to each one's needs. Sometimes I may not be able to relate, so I view the responses that do relate and happy to see the results. I am proud to be a member of MDJunction and share it with all I meet that need support. I am glad to be an advocate for many different areas that MDJunction fills." (cappymuir)

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bearsjewel life with fibromyalgia


Nov 01 2010
Maybe things will get better but Ithink maybe not. I have been diagnosed with meniere's disease. I have been telling every doctor for the last 8 years something was wrong with my hearing and stuff. they just diagnosed me and the doc said if they had 8 yrs ago they may have been able to save most of my hearing now not only is it bad but i will eventually lose it all. The hearing aids here are 6000 dollars and medicare/medicaid dont cover in this state. so I will go without. I thought maybe we would be able to breath a little easier this month but now i know maybe not, 1089 in bills not including meds, docs, gas etc and only get 1031 lol God must think I am the perfect one to play these kind of jokes on. Maybe i will be able to deal but I think maybe not 

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written by Robnaz, November 01, 2010
I'm 50, been hard of hearing most of my life so I can really relate to you. Have you gone on-line to try to find an agency that provides hearing aids? There are so many charitable agencies you just might find one. It's worth a shot..... maybe your ear doctor knows of one...

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