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janquito"There really wasn't a place to join up with other people who have been given the Prurigo Nodularis diagnosis until Roy agreed to start one here at MDJ. It is great to be able to share with others what no one else understands. It is a place where one can find an 'at home' feeling." (janquito)

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Santinagirl This is a walk thru of the last 5yrs of my life. Me dealing with my life, my health and most of all my mind deteriorating right in front me with no answers as to WHY. Thank You Jesus for giving me my answers. Now please Lord, would You give me my healing?

HERX from Grapefruit Seed Extract put me in the HOSPITAL!

Jun 26 2010
WHOA! I thought I was going to DIE! I have taken grapefruit seed extract drops for years and years. I have NEVER had any problem with it. Even took the max dose of 10 drops for the longest time. Well I had stopped taking it for awhile once my LLMD started me on all these ABX treatments for the Lyme. I went to order some online as I always do but I was sent the pill form instead of the drops for some reason. I assumed it was the same stuff. HA HA-NOOOO! I do not know what in Gods name happened there but I took it before bed. I woke up feeling weird. Went to eat my bowl of Raisin Bran....(never will be able to eat this ever again now either...)and after I finished eating I looked to my right and it was as if the room took off without me. I was spinning sooo bad that I could not control the movements of my eye balls. I was thrown off the couch on to the floor. And the floor and room was tilting and still spinning so fast I could not focus on anything.I yelled for my husband to bring me my little trash can that was right beside me at the table. I couldnt even see it to grab it myself. And there went all my Raisin Bran into the trash can. He got me up on the couch to lay down so my puke could make it in the can without spilling back on my face. ARGH! I threw up and spun around and around for 30 mins. Not to mention awful stuff wasn't just coming out of my mouth. It was coming out of all ends.! I asked him to leave me alone. I knew I was dying and the sooner the better for me! I just wanted to stop spinning. And dying would have been just fine with me at that time. I was so sick I could not even call the ambulance. Because I didn't want to puke and poop in my pants in their ambulance. So I layed there praying OUT LOUD to God PLEASE MAKE IT STOP SPINNING!!! It just wouldn't! I tried standing and when I did I was like a human made of JELLO. I was shaking and trembling. I had no balance. My equilibrium was knocked off balance.And I did go to hospital eventually. They shot me up immediately with much Valium. Still couldn't control my eyes. Doc actually thought it was a brain bleed or tumor and ordered a CT scan. I had NO IDEA that the 1 Grapefruit seed extract tablet did this to me yet. I didn't know what happened. CT scan was normal. After 13hrs of Valium they finally stabilized me enough to go home. Screw that!!! I didn't take anything for a few days except valium. I still felt some what dizzy. Once it passed I figured it was Lyme in my brain. So eventually I started my meds again. I went to pick up the GSE bottle on table one morning and stopped dead in my tracks and thought....hmmm I wonder could this have hurt these lil buggers so bad that I herxed? Naw I didn't think so. So like a dumb butt....I TOOK ANOTHER 1. OMG I woke up feeling the bed doing a litle hangover type baby drunk spin. I held on to my ......and prepared myself for the ride again. But that time it just had my eyes shaking back and forth all day. I threw that bottle clear out my back door into our woods. And I don't have to tell you guys why I cant ever eat Raisin Bran again! YUCK! So whats it sound like to you? HERX? I searched all over the web for side affects from Grapefruit Seed Extract! There are NONE! I am the first! Cause there is ONE NOW! Holy crud I have never been so DIZZY in my worst spinning drunk in my life. WHEW so glad its over. And I don't have to worry about drinking any alcohol either. I'm staying away from ANYTHING that can put the SPINS on ya like that did!

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written by Deny, June 27, 2010
Maybe it is just herxing.

But how would we know?
written by MOON, June 28, 2010
I'm very sorry to hear what happened to you. I have had days of herxing myself and they are ones that i never want to go through again! I hope you are feeling bettersmilies/smiley.gif
written by zoemajik, June 28, 2010
It was thought at one time that grapefruit seed extract killed lyme cysts. I think there is a study out that contradicts that information, but some people do herx on it badly!

Sadly, I'm not one of them. I took pill form for a long time and I never had a change in symptoms from it.

Your pill form was probably much more potent than the tincture. Some extracts are ultra diluted, especially if they're very cheap or an off-brand.

I wouldn't go out in the woods to find the bottle, but I would wager that if you start and stick to a detox regimen and keep up with the bacteria-zapping, that you will be able to tolerate it in the future ...

One of my herxes landed me in the ER over a year ago (3 andrographis pills, anyone?) ... haha, I gave mine away but I betcha I could handle it now.

I'm guessing you'll be one of the ones that only need 1 or 3 drops of Samento to start. But you never know with us!

I hope you feel better soon.
written by Santinagirl, June 29, 2010
If that was a TRUE DIE OFF symptom what I explained up top....then HOLY CRUD!!! I swear to you I thought I was going to die. I usually don't pray OUT LOUD but I will tell you what....God and his neighbors heard me pleading for the spinning and puking to stop! Now you got me thinking....I want them gone. So maybe half a pill with a Valium so I can't get but so dizzy. What ya think about that??
written by zoemajik, July 08, 2010
Today, I think half of anything with a valium doesn't sound half bad. smilies/grin.gif
written by Santinagirl, July 08, 2010
You are sooo funny Val. smilies/grin.gif
written by alusa, January 23, 2013
Hi, Grapefruit seed extract does not let liver to metabolize certain medicine, antibiotics for your Lyme could be the case too. You could have suffered from the overdose of antibiotics accumulating in your blood. Alusa

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