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Romantic Interlude followed by crying spells...

Oct 05 2010

Man oh Man. Have I spent most of my life crazy or what? Back in 1982, when I was with my boyfriend in college, I remember crying after we were intimate.  Not happy tears, but like, boo-hoo-hoo. I was crying so much that he came back to the room before his class had ended because he felt so bad. I thought I was crying because I knew I shouldn't have been intimate with someone I wasn't married to. So, I guess that went on until I got married. I've been married for 20 years and it still happens with my husband. Last night, after we had such a great time, I'm in the bathroom crying. He's on the couch downstairs with our preschooler, and I come downstairs with a red face.  When will the madness end? I take this medication and do what I am supposed to, and I still can't enjoy my life!!!!!

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written by pajamapama, October 05, 2010
Hi Percussion62
Maybe you already have looked into this, but I googled 'crying after making love' and apparently it is a hormonal thing. They compared it to post partum depression. They said that they often treat it with hormone treatments.

Sounds like a tough thing to deal with, hope you find some answers,

Hugs, Pajamapama
written by Dit, October 05, 2010
I've cryed after lovemaking, it was during an orgasim and all was so intense, it's happened a few times to me, i did not worry about it, i thought it was an awesome exjperience to shed 'tears of joy', that's what i felt it was.

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