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  "My husband had a stroke; 6months later a stroke took his life." (crz49)

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norma"Glad I joined MDJ. Why? In one word PEOPLE. The folks at this site are some of the best people in the world. They have made my life better by being there for me. Thanks for making a place where support is available for me. You guys make this world a better place." (norma)

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Not again in 2010...

Jan 04 2010
I know I have to be careful..I almost had an affair 2 1/2 years ago with the 25 year old..I guess it was a blessing that he would not go to lunch with me. Now, my best friends brother, who is also married, sent me a message saying that he wants to meet me for a drink to "get to know one another better." I feel bad for him because his wife had a fling with another woman and he's dealing with that...i wouldn't mind being a shoulder to cry on, sort of, but i know how Iget whnever a guy pays me even a little attention, so I better back off. If he wants to talk about doing the 50th bday party for my friend, I'll just talk with him over the phone. I thought it would be harmless for us to meet at mcDonalds with our kids, but it doesn't sound right ....

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written by Victory2b, January 04, 2010
Please don't do it. It always only starts with a small thing. Be careful...
written by percussion62, January 04, 2010
Have you ever been in this situation before?? smilies/cry.gif
written by briansmom, January 04, 2010
Let me put it the way I had to learn it - if you agree to meet someone and you don't feel comfortable taking your husband with you, don't go. I too have quite the addiction to attention from the opposite sex. But I would much rather get it from my husband then destroy my marriage, my kids lives, and possibly other lives around me. Keep your marriage healthy dear. It's worth much more than a short term source of attention that will just grow old to you quickly. smilies/wink.gif

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