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ASO1979able"MDJ to me is a safe haven, it's a place where I can be myself and admit my feelings without being ridiculed and made fun of. It's a place where I feel like part of a family instead of an outsider. I feel like my feelings and thoughts are safe here." (ASO1979able)

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Jan 05 2009
I don't have time for this.  I must get better. OK, I know why I have these headaches.  Those crazy 5 days every month.  I am 46 years old, so i still have to deal withe the monthlycycles.  Feels like there is something lying across the back of my neck and head. But I've dealt with these since i was 12. i can deal. i have the lights off here in the office..just  small light over the computer.  I can deal with this, I can.  I am just tried of crying about the same stuff every other week. "Why didn't he like me, why didn't he call why  why why " Who cares. I'm married, i have 4 kids.....whatever. I'm just tried of being sad all the time. I have work to do today. Gotta get my slides ready for my lecture next week. iIhave clients who want to see me so they can get on track with their diets.....But me? I'm a mess. My husband told me this morning that I'm pretty, but again, I don't believe him. I said to him, "Why do you keep telling me this.??" I left the psychiatrist..he kept telling me the same stuff. "You're so this and so that" On and On and On. It's not helping!!!!! If I was all that, why didn't I have dates? A lot of folks say iIam so nice and caring and friendly......  They say 'If I'm so nice and compassionate, and I look ok, why are people so nasty to me??"

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