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Hot Massage Therapist-Part II

Nov 20 2008
Mom says the guy is attracted to me--that's why he was a "no show" for the last 2 appointments...I haven't seen him in a week.  It's better I don't--It's like I'm addicted to romance-the feeling of falling in love and can't wait to be with you-can't wait to jump your bones again feeling.I keep thinking about when he was massaging my back and when he basically leaned too far into my backside...I was having a horricle migraine at the time, and I can't imagine being flirtatious..Mom says she thinks he was "into me' and just stopped our sessions because he doesn't want to loose his jib....I just love for that warm fuzzy's only temporary though..all romances either dissolve or graduate into my "boring, mature" relationship that i now daughter just called and says my husband wanted to use the car to pick up her saxophone and is a little upset cause I didn't wake him can you compare talking about whether or not our 2 yr old still has diarrhea compared to looking into the eyes of a handsome man and wondering if he's hot for you....

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