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teri72193"MD Junction is a safe place I can go where people understand what I am going through with the disease I have and we can empathize with each other and even help each other with suggestions. MD Junction is a life saver." (teri72193)

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Wynters65 Feelings, thoughts and questions about things I need to understand


Jan 22 2012
I just joined the site and many groups today. Hopefully I can keep up. My goal is to learn more and help myself and others going through the things I am or I am familiar with. I feel people whohave had to endure the most are more understanding and sympathetic to each others plights. I became a Nurse because I love caring for and helping others. There is much to be learned. Plus it makes one feel good to cause others joy.
Honesty is important to me.
I do my best to not offend, but I imagine not all will find me enjoyable. That is ok. I was told that people who you get angry with usually mirror something you dislike within yourself. After much after thought I have found great truth in those words. It is hard to admit that. In doing so, I am freeing myself to learn and grow in those areas. God Bless each of you. There is something Special in all of us!

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written by jstsIm, January 22, 2012
Hi Diamond! My name is Reba, you can find me hiding out in Stress Management LOL! I wouldn't worry at all about offending anyone around here, if they don't like what you post, they won't read it! You will find alot of great people here, warm, understanding, not always polite or politically correct, but it is always safe territory! Welcome Honey! Drop in to see me anytime!
written by jackie42427, January 22, 2012
Since having this illness I find I care less and less about offending others as I have found so few care about offending me. When I told my pain clinic that I had seen a neurologist and had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia they handed me a card for a psychiatrist. That was all they did. Not "what can we do to help?" Just "How many more of these useless injections can we sell you at $5000 a pop?" If this is the way professionals are going to address this who can I go to that won't offend me? Still searching. Moving to Prescott AZ. area this week. Does anyone know a fibro friendly Dr. in that area?
written by scorpioj, January 22, 2012
Hi Wynters65 welcome!! You will find many caring members here to support you as you will them,we are a family here.You have spoken many truths here in your post, I hope we all learn and grow from each others experiences and make the journey more joyful.

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