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booky1961"I can never Thank everyone in the MDJunction's Cirrhosis and Caregivers Groups enough for helping me this past year and a half. My husband had Cirrhosis and was in the need for a liver transplant. I had no idea what was going on and who to talk to. I did searches for Cirrhosis and found MDJ! Best thing that could happen.
The people on here have helped me through many crises and I'd like to think I've helped a few myself. I amazed me how little help is out there for people but know this site was there at any time got me through it.
I'm happy to say my husband got his transplant but I'm staying on this site. Our big battle may be done but there are many others that can come.
Thank You For Being There for Tom and I! He appreciates it as well!
God Bless You!

" (booky1961)

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AlexaP No lies, just love.

Thanksgiving is supposed to be happy, right?

Nov 24 2011
So why does my family have to ruin it for me? One of my grandpa's said that I shouldn't go up to Utah for Thanksgiving because his wife was just sick, but then today he makes me cry because hesaid that it was bad of my mother and I to not come because my step-grandmother put so much work into the food. When he was the one who told us not to come, how can he do this to me? It's Thanksfuckinggiving. Family should matter more than anything, my grandfather shouldn't act like such a complete ass. What every happened to being nice on the holidays?

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