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  "because its like Emphysema" (rosinas)

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WantDignity"The one word that works for MDJunction is "Togetherness". I have Borderline Personality Disorder plus I am a Self-Injury addict. The groups have helped me because everyone with the same problems come together to hold each other up through the hard times. Much gratitude to MDJunction." (WantDignity)

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emma1980 I dont think my brain has woken up yet! Do i write any random nonsense i want here? Think i'll go track down other members with Diary entries & see what they have done. Fibro brain strikes again!!
*Edited 29/08/08*
Didnt realise this was for describing my diary :S lol

Woohooooooo :) :) :)

Jun 02 2010
Today has been a great day! Not only has the flare finished...well, almost but i have also become co group leader of the PCOS group :) I used to be leader when i was last active but due to personalcircumstances i had to stop coming here for quite some time (oh how i missed it!). But now im back & loving it - its so great catching up with people who i havent spoken to in so long, finding out how everyone is doing...i didnt realise just how long i'd been gone..

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written by scorpioj, June 02, 2010
That's great news! So happy for you! smilies/cheesy.gif smilies/grin.gif
written by emma1980, June 03, 2010
Thank you smilies/grin.gif

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