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JudyM5839"I am a 50+ Jewish woman from New York who struggles with Borderline Personality Disorder - In addition to that, I struggle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and a very poor self esteem - as a result of these psychiatric disorders, I have a series of medical disorders as well. I am morbidly obese, struggle with psoriasis, and other dermatological issues and am pre-diabetic - As many of you are, I am on a series of both medical and psychotropic medications, and am under the care of a series of health care providers Nevetheless, I think that the best support is from peers - and as such, I am glad to be one of your leaders" (JudyM5839)

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emma1980 I dont think my brain has woken up yet! Do i write any random nonsense i want here? Think i'll go track down other members with Diary entries & see what they have done. Fibro brain strikes again!!
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Didnt realise this was for describing my diary :S lol

Christmas sorrow

Dec 24 2008

Something happened a couple of months back that has completely wrecked OH's relationship with our friends. Thanks to this we're spending Christmas this year at home instead of at my parentswith all the family :(   Im finding it really hard to be, im used to spending Christmas with my mum, dad, sister, friend & niece now im not going to be to & its killing me!  Ive just got back from Christmas drinks at my friends (OH wasnt invited) I had to sit there & watch everyone enjoy theirselves with their partners & mines sitting at home. God i could cry my heart out right now, i dont feel like i can talk to anyone about how its making me feel as i dont want to cause upset for anyone. To top it all OH's mother is spending Christmas with us so ive got to be all happy & jolly when all i want to do is scream! Its killing me that im not going to be spending the day with my niece, im just so upset by it all & feel as though im all alone..

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written by faieriemama, December 25, 2008
I am sorry to hear that you will not be spending today with your niece. It's too bad that you couldn't find a way for her to come to you for a while. Maybe you could talk to her on the phone? Hope your holidays are as happy as they can be.
written by jfuller, December 29, 2008
Sorry you all are going through this. I hope that by next year at this time, everything will be back where everyone gets along and problems will be resolved. Sending you hugs!

written by poody1214, December 30, 2008
I am sorry to hear about your difficult holiday. How did it turn out for you? What happened that "OH" has made you so secluded from your family and your friends??

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