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  "I just recently beat Ovarian cancer" (camicamille)

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Yvonne802"For me MDJunction means I am no longer home alone all day. It means having friends who not only understand me but care for me as well. I am grateful to MDJunction for creating a world where I fit in just perfectly." (Yvonne802)

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Hubby died from an OD July 3rd 2008. Am I crazy?

This is my new diary full of emotions that I go through from one day to the next. I need to pour my mind and heart out. I can't keep all this to myself or I'll become more depressed. I'm going through phases of mourning and greif. So some of what I say may seem crazy and far out, but it's all me being honest. I chose to do this online because I'm so vulnerable right now and I hate crying in front of strangers. So here it goes... ...Read More


Oct 30 2008

This is very accurate...You can check it out for yourself!


Enough is enough - you feel frustrated and rejected. You are fighting back and the going is tough. It would be just wonderful if you could be left in peace.


Oct 29 2008

I thought this article was very interesting.


On The Greek word "pharmakia"

July 9, 2007 by

Why Am I So ANGRY???

Sep 14 2008
I've been quite moody lately, it seems like everyone is pissing me off lately, I don't mean any of you in any of my groups, I mean people I run into like strangers or low class neighbors (theives), I feel like I'm PMSing all of the time and don't know how to make it stop.


I'm super sensitive and any little thing pisses me off. Like for example, I went to a fun p...

Expressing Grief & Healing Through Art

Sep 11 2008


I had to crop so much out for my avatar.

Sometimes I can only express my feelings through art when I have a loss for words. 

If anyone feels like sharing I'd like to see what brings you comfort, it might help me too.  

Mourning,Death Dreams,Cremation,Confusion

Sep 08 2008


Lately I've been trying my best to ignore my feelings of sadness for my husband who recently died from a drug overdose. 

I suppose I'm trying to force myself to stay angry at my husband by remembering and focusing on some of the bad things that happened between us.

I can't fool myself into accpeting the fact that all this is ok and part of life. I somet...

Am I Bipolar or is it Anxiety & Depression?

Sep 08 2008
I think have bipolar symptoms but my psych doc has me on antidepressants and anxiety meds and just calls it depression and anxiety with crying spells and anger. Am I missing something or is the fact thatI'm not energetic and manic the reason for this diagnoses. I also have trouble concentrating when people talk to me, I tend to get distacted if the person talking has an interesting characteris...

Signs from a deceased loved one or am I delusional

Sep 08 2008


Is it all in my head or could I possibly be getting messages from my deceased ex husband? Am I just traumatized and grieving and seeing what I wish to see?


Then whydoes every little thing that happens seem to be so specific and only something he and I would know about.


Is anyone else going through this or felt this way?


Am I...

Are you in an abusive relationship? There is hope!

Sep 08 2008

Hi friends, I was exactly where you are now, I had people telling me left and right to leave my abusing husband but he kept scaring me telling me I wouldn't make it without him. He was very controlling, when I had back surgery with 6 titanium screws in my back, he was angry with me because I wouldn't tell him where I hid "MY" anxiety meds and he broke my walker from the hospit...

Propanolol takes the edge off for me without making me drowsy or sleepy : )

Sep 08 2008


Propanolol takes the edge off for me without making me drowsy or sleepy.


I take Xanax too, I used t otake Klonopin but I turned into a mean drunk and it caused me to forget what I had done a week ago.


Xanax makes me so sleepy too BUT my psych doc prescribed a beta blocker and it takes the edge off REALLY!!!


It doesn't ma...

Believing Lies, Guilt Trips & Jail Mail

Sep 07 2008


I'm a new widow of an addict, he just died July 3rd 2008, I sometimes carry the guilt that I wasn't able to help him change through the 4 years we were married, but I have thoughtabout that and honestly, it wasn't about me.

"HE" was sick & addicted. He was on Methadone to stop the heroin cravings but still took Xanax to get high (I hated his doctor,...

Hubby died from a drug overdose July 3rd 2008. Am I going crazy?

Sep 07 2008

My birthday is in October. I'm a sculptor when I feel happy or energetic. I'm easygoing, open minded and outgoing unless I'm having a bad day then I hate sunlight and just want to hide from the world. 

I got separated from my husband June 14 2007 and got a restraining order because my husband had way too many emotional/drug problems that I just couldn't help him...

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