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  "Lyme disease" (desertflower)

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cappymuir"MDJunction means to me the freedom to express my feelings without being interrupted and knowing there are others that can share their experience too. As a Leader it is a to show compassion and give support to all the members and always listen to each one's needs. Sometimes I may not be able to relate, so I view the responses that do relate and happy to see the results. I am proud to be a member of MDJunction and share it with all I meet that need support. I am glad to be an advocate for many different areas that MDJunction fills." (cappymuir)

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ChloeFM I live in PA I am 43 years old married with one son who is 11.
I love hiking, kayaking, walking my dog, gardening, reading, singing. I am trying to find a way to cope with what life has handed me. I am hopeful that I can help as well as be helped in dealing with this rare disease.


May 06 2012

Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of the day I met my husband. I spent most of the day crying because of the pain and frustration of selling like an invalid. I don't do much anymore. I feel somuch regret and guilt for making my husband had to live this kind of life too. But he assures me he will stick loyally by my side. 

I still feel guilty that we can't share together the things we used to. 

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