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  "My Grandmother has suffered from Parkinson's disease for many years. " (LadyTjB)

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River"MDJ means never being alone, I have made so many wonderful friends. The support is just awsome. Thanks so much for being there.River" (River)

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Mountain or Molehill?

Dec 08 2010
So yesterday got some bad news. I planned on having a birthday dinner but none of my friends can make it. Was really sad and dissappointed. I noticed my whole mood was severly low the rest of the night. I wouldnt get off the couch and kept having crying spells. I had to keep telling myself that I had a reason to be sad. But should I have been as sad as I became? Thats the one thing I really hate a...

Anxious today

Nov 29 2010
Was feeling better yesterday but today am having some small panic attacks. Im pretty good at controlling them but wonder what sets them off? Today was not a stressful day yet i feel wiped out, shaky, and nausous. Fighting the light headness too. I hate feeling so different everyday. I just want to be at a normal level....

Cycle over?

Nov 28 2010
With all the support of my new friends i am definately coping better. The last 2 weeks were awful. I think for the first time tho i recognized when i was having a cycle. This diary is very helpful as well. I plan to write as often as possible. It helps me get my rambling thoughs out of my head! Heres to feeling good until next time!!!!!...

bad day

Nov 27 2010

Up, down, up, down! Seriously think im starting to feel worse this time of year. I love the holidays but they always remind me of the flaws in my family. I know i am not the only bipolar person in my family but i am the only one trying to get help for it.

I feel like a loner in my own life sometimes. Ive noticed ive been isolating myself. Its hard enough to deal with my emotions everyday...

Mood swings

Nov 24 2010

Today has been hard. The last couple days i have been feeling like im in a slump for no particular reason. Today i have been extremely edgy and totally freaked out on the kids. Granted they were beingnaughty but i hate it when i cant calm myself down. I get so worked up! My hands start shaking, i lose my breathe, and feel dizzy. It almost feels like im feeling every bad emotion at the same time...

Day 1

Nov 21 2010

Started looking for some help with my Trich and found this wonderful site. Still havent made any friends yet but hopefully that will come in time. I know im going through alot of stress right now. The past 2 days i have been pulling alot. I go through spurts where i wont pull for weeks sometimes. Im trying to recognize my stressors today and keep myself in control. So damn hard not to touch my...

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