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  "Generalized Anxiety Disorder" (Swindler886)

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cinderella"MDJunction to me is a life saver... when i first was diagnosed with Scheuermann's Disease i wrote a message to a page i found on google, hoping that they could help me.... you'd never know it but that weird feeling (you know that one where it feels like someone actually cares) came over me when i opened my email next day to find that someone on the other side of the world (at the American Medical Library)had read my message while i was sleeping, and there low and behold was the address to MDJunction.... well it is everything to me, i live it breathe it and love it!!!!! I have found many people who are struggling with similar issues banding together to help each other. It is the best place in the world, and i couldn't think of another place to go to meet so many lovely people....

thanks MDJunction
" (cinderella)

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blond2much I don't know how to change my diary name. Its stuck as Hallucinations/delusions. I didn't mean to call it that, because I thought I was writing in the diary when I created this. So any help would be great! If your interested in reading my adventures! Enjoy.
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My friend has Anxiety Disorder

Jun 30 2010
So far I've gone a week without binging and purging! And my eye's are looking a whole lot better! Right now, I'm feeling pretty good, but I'm worried for my friend who has panic attacksand severe anxiety disorder. She is trying to get off her Effexor with the help of celexa, but she has been a basket case from weening off of it. I haven't seen her in two days and she avoids leaving the house. I know she is constently worried and anxious and on the verge of another panic attack at any moment. She barely eats and barely sleeps. Its been two weeks that she has been like this. I hope she gets better soon. It has been so bad that she missed the twilight eclipse premere last night with me and the girls. You know its bad when that happens! Any hoo, I'm really trying to be there for her, but I don't know what to do. She tells me to act normal and not make a big deal out of it. But when she starts breathing fast and shaking, I kind of freak out inside. Pray she'll get better soon!

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