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  "My Mum has had breast cancer, and survived. " (zebrabee)

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Fmsdaddy"Md Junction to me is my safe place. A place where I can feel safe to just open up talk about everything without burdening my wife. With all my health issues its nice to know that I am not alone, suffering form fibromyalgia,depression, and costochondritis with anxiety is a nightmare. Having the great people here at MDjunction is so great its hard to put into words. I dont think I would be getting through what I am going through without this great resource. I think everyone should know about mdjunction!" (Fmsdaddy)

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blond2much I don't know how to change my diary name. Its stuck as Hallucinations/delusions. I didn't mean to call it that, because I thought I was writing in the diary when I created this. So any help would be great! If your interested in reading my adventures! Enjoy.

Benadryl Rocks

Sep 19 2010
So I've been trying to wean off my medication because I want to have a baby and they cause birth defects. Right now I have extremely horrible withdrawel that leads to severe mania, dissiness and brainshocks. It was really bad last night and I was having all these raising thoughts and urges. Anyway I called my sister who works at a mental hospital to see what the doctor there could advice me to do. She called back and told me to take benadryl twice the dose. I did and it helped by knocking me out. I woke up the next day feeling much better. Thanks Benadryl!

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written by dizzyb, September 19, 2010
Sorry you're going through this, yes withdrawal is the pitts! There are some meds that you can stay on until you fall pregnant, speak to your OB and pdoc. I found out I was (unplanned) pregnant when taking hectic meds. Yes, I was worried but my daughter is a healthy 5 year old with no probs. There are lot of BP II moms and ladies trying to fall preggy, we're here when you need us. All the best smilies/smiley.gif
written by blond2much, September 19, 2010
Thanks I wondered if anyone else got pregnant on there meds and what happened to the baby. But hearin gthat your daughter is healthy gives me some relief. How were you during pregnancy? Stable? Manic or depressed? I'm wondering how I'll be off the meds

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