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Peace77"Mdj to me is a place a can visit to talk to anyone while going through a hard time with depression.
I have learned so much from others and I'm grateful to all my special friends here. It truly is a place you can talk to people, and you will never be treated negatively. I have found only, caring and kind support here. Thank you Mdj for a place I call my home, when I need to get away from my life..and have unbiased support..
" (Peace77)

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cant seem to get out of bed today

Jan 15 2010
Well ive been on my new meds since 3dec 2=9 and i though it was working, but today i cant get out of bed, my whole body is full of pain;{

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written by Tommy100, January 15, 2010
Ag jammer om dit te hoor.. Ha.. ha. dit was so lekker om jou Afrikaans hier te sien.. COME girl!! Get out of bed.. FORCE yourself. Just go sit in the sun.. have some rooibos.. the bed is a killer anywhere that you can lie down. What about a nice bath?

Hugs.. Tommy.
written by foxylady29, January 15, 2010
smilies/smiley.gif tommy jy maak my dag dankie jong
written by Tommy100, January 15, 2010
plesier! ons gaan innie moelikheid kom oorie taal. ha. ha. She said thanx i made her day and i said its a pleasure. :p
written by foxylady29, January 15, 2010

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