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  "My son has Aspergers which is under the Autism umbrella" (ChiariNmore)

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Hazeldee"MDJunction means that I no longer have to feel like I am the only person in
the world with pericarditis. It means that I can talk to others who know
how stressful and how painful having pericarditis can be. It means that I
connect with others to discuss treatments that have or haven't worked for us, so that we have a leg to stand on. I think that having my friends at
MDJunction has allowed me to better mentally and emotionally process my
diagnosis and what it means to me. I feel so lucky to have this community
available to me. I use MDJunction as a way to use my experience to help
others. Reaching out to help others is the only solace I have found since
being diagnosed with pericarditis.
" (Hazeldee)

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are we sane

Dec 01 2010
Wow this sure hits home... but put this way it did strike me as slightly funny....'Can living with a drug addict affect you mentally' by Rev. Steve J. Murray


If anyone spends anylength of time with an alcoholic and/or addict they will go a little neurotic. If you think about it, it is insane to allow someone to do to you the things that an addict does to people. You wouldn't let your neighbor come over for a visit to steal money from you, take and pawn your TV, stereo, jewelry, etc., or write forged checks from your checking account. You certainly would not let your "healthy" son or daughter come back to live with you, stating they will not work, pay rent, or help with keeping the place clean. You wouldn't put up with your significant other not taking a shower for two weeks, or let them sleep for 5 days straight. If this were anyone else doing all these crazy behaviors, and you just put up with it, you would go seek counseling because you would identify immediately that it is not normal and healthy to allow someone to do these things to you.

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written by babies1, December 09, 2010
No, not normal, but through a Mother's eyes, you will do anything for them, even if you know it's not right and knowing you wouldn't put up with that crap from someone else. We always have hope and that is what we cling to, no matter what the behavior. We just want our children back from the demon that took them.
written by CJ1, December 16, 2010
That is the truth Babies1
written by islandcat, December 17, 2010
written by kosteredout, February 16, 2011
Yep, second "amen."

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