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  "I was an abused child." (shaziiranae)

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Macv"For me, MDjunction has been a place where I can share my experiences
living with the very rare bone disease called Ollier's ( Enchondromatosis ) with the parents of children recently diagnosed. I can help them not to run
into the pitfalls my parents did when I was young, give them a bit of a view
from their child's perspective and simply be there to offer support and
hope to people who are scared and just had their lives upended. I also belong to a chronic pain group and it's been a Godsend to be able to actually
talk with others who understand what I'm dealing with. Besides them helping me through my tough times, I can be there to help them as well. Here too, I can use my years of experience to help others avoid pitfalls and it makes me feel good, gives my life more purpose. MDjunction brings people
together when their suffering, at their darkest and feeling alone in this world and allows some light to be brought back into their lives. HOPE, that's what
MDjunction means to me!
Linda aka Macv
" (Macv)

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fluffyluggage Hmm...well, I guess this'll be the misadventures of fluffyluggage, eh?

Cramps, pain, and hell

Oct 08 2008
Yeah, life sucks today. I'm not doing well. I took a vicodin today for the cramps and the migraines. It was horrible. I had a horrible day. My leg flared up, and since the nurse didn't pay attentionto me when she took my message, my doc didn't hear the right thing, so I didn't get the right info. I'm not gonna go see a dermatologist for something that the PCP needs to deal with. It's ridiculous. It's been a week since I started having symptoms, and I shouldn't be having flare-ups of a red damn stocking going around my leg. It's ridiculous. I'm grumpy and cramping and feel like crap today, too. It's awful. Did I mention I took a vicodin today? Well, it didn't help!

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written by pt247, October 22, 2009
Hi Fluffyluggage, I'm new here. Not quite sure of all the navigation yet. Anyway I was reading a post I believe was from you about your cluster migranes. My computer kicked me off and I can't find the post again. Anyway I have had CFS and have been fighting for over 10 years. Doctors never seemed to help much (don't even get me started on that one!). I've been going the naturopathic route lately. Anyway your post sounded just like me! I haven't had migranes near as long as you have, though I do remember having headaches doctors couldn't figure out when I was young, now that I think about it...Anyway seems like anything I tried only worked for a little bit if at all. I recently had a headache for almost a month. My naturopath told me to drink a glass of water with 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 or 2 times a day. My blood pressure is normally low so I'm not too scared of salt. Anyway the first day, maybe day and a half I was not sure but thought it might be making it worse. Then all of a sudden the headache was gone. This morning I started to get the swollen tingly feeling that usually turns into an insane headache. I took my morning salt water and no headache formed.
Long story short I thought it might help. I personally get desperate enough to try anything, so if you're there and don't have high blood pressure problems, who knows. (sorry so longwinded)
written by pt247, October 22, 2009
oh he did stress to use high quality sea salt. and when I taste the water I can't really taste the salt in it (meanwhile it makes my husband choke) so I figure I must need it.

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