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  "Suffered from Gestational Trophoblastic Disease 3 times, the last required 6 mon..." (scilbery)

MDJunction to me

Joy75"MDJunction to me is a second home. I visit daily to support and get supported. Everyone is so great here. The people are what make this site so
perfect. When someone says I helped them, I feel so good about myself. When
I am down, I come here to talk with my lovely friends. This is a great site
and I've come to love it and my friends here. Thank you for making such a
wonderful place to call home!
" (Joy75)

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first day with diagnosis

Don't live your life by how many breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away!!

Think i need a new Fibromyalsia specialist! anyone have any suggestions???

Aug 03 2010
going to the Rheumatologist today, hopefully he tries something different.. maybe even examine me.. (which he has yet to do)  The meds don't seem to be working. Tired of feeling tired and in pain! I really need him to be more aggressive!  Either that or i am going to see a new doctor for a second opinion!!!  i have had it!  Anyone know of a Fibro Specialist in Boston!!...

LMAO-- Definition of using the word--F I N E

Jun 22 2010

so, here i go again. The pain going down from the right side of my tail bone, to my hip down my thigh, through the knee , ankle and rt side of the foot.  I cannot even feel the rt side of my foot.. its like its not even there. And my left thigh feels like electricity... you know when you were a kid and you touched that square battery to your tongue LMAO (you know you did), thats what my le...


Jun 01 2010

I don't even know where to begin. I hate this.. i hate my body i hate the pain.. The constant freaking pain.... Then, my family undermines me.. i swear my mom is trying to take over my life. Atfirst i thought she was trying to help me with my daughter.. but now.. my daughter doesn't even talk with me... nor visit. my mom tells her things i never said.

My life is crashing down......

Bad Week! needed to vent

Mar 29 2010

I am very sad this week. Lots of pain. Couldnt get out of bed a all one day, and today is looking like I will be heading back to bed. I dont uderstand how all my life i have been there for my familyand friends... checking up on them. Staying the night if they had surgery and even giving them a shower! (I know) But not one of them have even called me to see how i am feeling, or if there is anyth...

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