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  "Mental Illness, dual diagnosis, which includes Borderline Personality disorder. ..." (fubar65)

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fluffyluggage"I found MDJunction at a time when I was struggling with so much. I
was so sick. I found a home, a place where people understood me, when
even my family doubted me. In MDJ, I found a place of refuge, love,
and support. I come here daily, to find my balance, to cope, and to
find that same support I've found from day 1. MDJ is my new family.
The friends I've made here will remain with me for a lifetime.
" (fluffyluggage)

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Light68 Looking for the light but not quite finding the end of the tunnel...

where am I going

Apr 27 2012

I feel lost again I don't know I'm back to nothing, feeling nothing, doing nothing and I just want to escape, I know I have to keep it together and I have been,   but I keep thinkingenough is enough...

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written by lken, April 28, 2012
that light will show up, then it gets larger and brighter
written by Joy75, April 28, 2012
I'm sorry you are feeling lost, feeling nothing, and doing nothing. You should force yourself to do some things. You will feel accomplished. Even if they are little things. It's good that you have kept it together and I know you will continue to do that, but be easy on yourself. I hope things get turned around soon.

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