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  "I have RSD and my husband has multiple scelorisis" (sinfulpuddin)

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neshama48"Having Crohn's Disease for over 26 years, in the first few years, it lonely and isolating.
Though now my disease is in a near perfect remission, my friends and family are sympathetic to me, but I can not talk to them about this disease. When I stumbled across MD Junction, and met others who had the same disease I was not alone in battling the disease. MD Junction is like a second family, without the judgement or guilt of having Crohn's Disease, but they do give you love and support.
" (neshama48)

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Until someone has lived my life, been where I've been and walked in my shoes they have no right to judge me. Some people didn't know, some didn't want to know and the ones who did know did nothing to try to stop it. I am a survivor of severe child abuse, incest and rape and only by the grace of God I am alive to share my story with others.

I welcome your comments and feel free to contact me through pm or chat.

God bless,

s2e :0)
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My Story Part 10 Final - Mental & Emotional Abuse

Oct 31 2011


I had always wonder when Ibecame an adult how I could handle so much physical and emotional pain. The longer I was clean and sober the more memories of my child hood abuse came back to me. I am going to tell you some of the d...

My Story Part 9 - Rape & Sexual Abuse

Oct 26 2011
When I was just shy of being 15 years old I had been drinking with the winos. I ended up at the bar where my dad worked. I remember everyone in the bar laughing cause I was so...

My Story Part 8 - Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Oct 21 2011



My drug and alcohol started when I was 13 years old my sister who had left home would slip me drugs (speed) inmy soda or kool-aide when I would go and see her. She and some friends got me drunk and high also around the same age. 

After my mo...

My Story Part 7 - My Safe Place In Abuse

Oct 14 2011

My grandmother is where I receivedlove from as a child. She would smother me with hugs and kisses. I always remember her hands cause they were always holding mine.

My mother was very jealous of my relationship with grandm...

My Story Part 6 - Rape, Murder & Abuse

Oct 09 2011


When I had left my first husband cause I found outhe was a child molester. I ended up hitchhiking to Michigan and stayed with my dad's ex-girlfriend.

I worked 2 jobs and partied alot. I can remember one time I was fixing to go to a part...

My Story Part 5 - Domestic Abuse

Oct 06 2011


 Domestic Violence & ReligionAbuse 

Some of my families religious beliefs is you stay no matter what. I never agreed with this nor do I see it anywhere in the bible. God does not want a woman to stay wit...

My Story Part 4 - Self Abuse

Sep 30 2011


I want to make one thing very clear that my pastself harm was not a suicide attempt but it was about feelings and not being able to express them.

Although at times I have been suicidal in the past. It is about not being ab...

My Story Part 3 - Shelter Abuse

Sep 27 2011



When I was put in the childrens' shelter at age14 by my mother,I was the only one in the shelter at this time. The  I was on the third floor.

They would have house parents that stay the weekend. One weekend the housepar...

My Story Part 2 - Siblings Abuse

Sep 21 2011


My brother was the oldest of thefour of us children. He was my mother's favorite and still is to this day. He got whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. He manipulate my mother and she always gave in to him. I had to wait on...

My Story Part 1 - Incest Abuse

Sep 19 2011

I was raised by a severely depressed motherand an alcoholic father. I was the youngest of four children. My dad physically beat my mother but wouldn't allow my mother to beat me when he was home sober.

My mother worked nigh...

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