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bobo24"MDJuncstion has been a godsend to me from he very beinning. When I began to take care of my mother and boyfriend 24/7 it ment a huge change to my life. I ended up having adjust my priorties and keep them on a level playing field. I found out that isnot easy. The support I have had from MDJunction has been a shot in the arm I truly needed bobo24" (bobo24)

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February 29, 2012

Feb 29 2012

Today has been a long day of doing absolutely not much of anything but taking it easy. Well for the mostpart, except when my 22 year old daughter called and stressed me out telling me that she got pulled over last night after the bar driving her friend's car. First off, my daughter does not have her license, she has never gotten it. She is my wild child out of my two kids. She is a couch surfer, she does not work, she just hangs out with friends. Personally, I think she has mental illness like I do, but no way could I even think of bringing that up to her right now. In time she will figure it out like I did. She was lucky that she did not get a dui, they did the tests on her and did make her blow. She said there were 4 cop cars that surrounded the tiny little civic that she was driving, probably didn't help that when she was in high school she got listed by the police as *gang affiliation* although she no longer hangs out with anyone from high school any longer. Then she asked that I keep this to myself and not tell her aunts. So YES the stress has caused me some more than usual pain today.

Now my other child, my son is going to be 21 in August. I was with his dad 21 years ago and we broke up. His dad raised him. I had married someone else in the mean time and that lasted 7 years it was a bad relationship, drugs, physical and mental abuse. When he went to prison, I divorced him. Two years ago this coming up April, I went to one of my son's baseball games when he was a senior in high school, I ran into his dad and we have been inseparable since, we got married November 12, 2011, now my son can finally say his parents are married :) I have my soulmate that I let go 21 years ago that is very supportive of me and my illnesses. He is the best and deserves props all the way!

Well enough of my ramblings for the night! Thanks for reading! 

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