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buzzingmind"I joined MDJ in 2009 when I diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Since then, I have used this forum not only to help myself when I am in need but also to share with others who are experiencing similar circumstances. Without this opportunity that MDJ has to offer I would not know who to turn to." (buzzingmind)

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FeeZ I'm trying to gain my life back by stop smoking marijuana.....

MMMMaadddd as......

May 26 2009
NOT HAPPY, i was just typing my day 5 entry and shivers the page expired and now i've lost my entry AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH i was nearly finished... SORRY everyone i'm not typing it all again, i really wanted that to be posted as was one of the most hardest days..... :(

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written by Frenchie, May 26, 2009
ohhh that's awful! It has happe to m too..if you o try it again type in in your email as an outgoing message and copy and paste it in here.
I oticed while I was typin this theis page flickered in nd out and at one point is was a page cut in half. What I was typing took too slow to show up...I don't know...........
I am sorry you suffered such a hard day but it warrants attention in my opinion,. so baby, try that which I spoke of...
it should work!
written by FeeZ, May 26, 2009
Wow i love the support on here from everyone, LoL i think i've found a new addiction, at least it's a healthy one. Thanks heaps frenchie for that advice i will try that tonight when i come back to do my entry. Day 6 & the emotions are running high, i'm not yelling or screaming but just seem to cry at the drop of hat, specially when i can't make a decision. I work for myself & by myself, i'm a beautician so thru all these withdrawals i still kinda gotta deal with the clients as my work number is my mobile, i've told them i'm sick with a virus at the moment, I have had to rebook one client twice because of my problem, i'm just not in a state to work, yet! A few more days & i'll be right. She left a message asking me to call her as she would like to discuss something with me but the way she sounded on the message, she wasn't rude but you could hear a different tone in her voice, OMG now i'm to scared to call. Far out i can't wait for all this to go away so i can stop making excuses to people and & lying about why i'm off work....oooops sorry about that didn't mean to poor all the beans on you....Chat with you soon Frenchie smilies/smiley.gif smilies/grin.gif
written by FeeZ, May 27, 2009
LOL i just noticed the date i posted this, it's actually Wednesday 27th May 5:00pm....feez smilies/grin.gif
written by FeeZ, May 27, 2009
doh i see now it's the date that you sent your post, wowo i confuse myself everyone.....easliy confused feez smilies/grin.gif

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