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benf"I came to MDJunction looking for answers I had about being Bipolar. a friend was suffering from this and I wanted to understand what it was. the more questions I had ,the more I learned how to deal with my own issues, PTSD,Depression,insomnia just to name a few. the people I have meet here have become more than friends, they have become family.
I have gone from "yes I need help" to "how can I try to help you?" I am so grateful for all the help and support the members have given me here, I am glad I can return the favor by being one of the many great group Leaders. ( benf)
" (benf)

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er44 Dear diary, I feel like crap. I'm sick of therapy. I hate being bipolar and I spent my birthday in the hospital. I feel hopeless and totally misunderstood but I am grateful for all of you who hug me and give me kind and inspirational words. I don't feel well and I'm in a mixed episode and I broke my ribs. I wish my meds were working right now

I feel so angry.

Jun 18 2012
Dear diary, I am sick and tired of therapy and meds and rapid cycling. I feel hopeless and helpless. I need to come on this site more to put things into perspective. I just spent my 45th birthday in thehospital. I'm so jazzed up, nervous, pissed off and I want to quit therapy and try holistic medicine cause shrinks and meds are. It doing the trick and I can't save ant money. Thanks to md junction I don't feel so along. It really does help. But I have had it. 

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written by my2lilgirls, June 18, 2012
Ditto. feel like therapy and meds are just not working. I guess i was worse before meds, but... i was just talking to my pdoc about this today. It's so easy for them to say we have to stick with the therapy and the med changes. I feel like i end up back to square one, maybe not as bad as i was before diagnosis, but u know, i feel like i can't, won't change? i feel it is chemical but even my pdoc is making me feel like maybe it's just me and the work i have to do on myself/ ughhh, of course this is so not what i want to hear all the time. i dropped out of therapy, AA, church( practically), just a real negative, depressed,nothing helps enough place, but i made myself jog last week and today, so i am adding that and i may make an appointment with my tdoc/ and she added a med to my mix. Good luck, C

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