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  "Via a serious injury, I suffered 9+ years with super chronic nerve pain in both ..." (UnionStitch)

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Dit"I've been a grateful member here for over 4 yrs this place has changed my life of course for the better, coming to the groups has enabled me to no longer feel so alone. As a group leader for the Bipolar Support group I can relate to others and am expressing my experience strength and hope and this is very rewarding, I've also made many supportive friends here whom I talk to some daily. I used to have a lot of 'lows' since becoming member here at MdJunction I no longer have these lows." (Dit)

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Today was a better day

Aug 19 2010
I slept good last night and had a pretty good day today.  I did sleep with my heating pad, but whatever...  Work has calmed down and so that isn't too bad.  I had chaperone trainingat the school this evening and that went well and was quick.  I need to save my energy for the Rafferty's bowl on Saturday.  Sunday can be a quiet day and I will be all ready once again for the work week.  Doesn't sound to bad.  Maybe.

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