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Aug 18 2010

My pain was really low on Monday and Tuesday and my energy was really high and I believe I over did it after work yesterday.  Today has been one big ouch!!!  My back is killing me and it was torture to sit at my desk.  Then I get home and no sooner did I walk in my door my very chatty neighbor came over.  It was 7pm before I sat down.  My darling husband, who has been wonderful about picking up the slack and has been doing most of the household chores for quite sometime.  fix his fabulous grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.  So I am here with my laptop and my heating pad.  I swear if tomorrow morning is as rough as this morning I will call in sick!  Okay, probably not, but it sounds good.

I think this is the last episode on this DVD so I will prolly go to sleep here shortly.  Its only 9:30 so it should be pretty good night of sleep... and maybe I will remember to put my CPAP on before I pass out tonight.  A favor to Gregg since he made the wonderful grilled cheese.  I think he was gonna kill me last night!  LOL!

Chaperone training tomorrow.  I think I will leave before the concession stand clean up starts. If I try that I won't be able to move Friday.

 Looks like the DVD is over nighty night!

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