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jayna01"My name is Jayna and I wanted to take this opportunity to say how much MDJunction has meant to me. I always felt so alone before I joined in April of 2012. I felt like there wasn't anyone that really cared about me and what I was going through. I felt like there was no one that would truly listen to me in what I was feeling. Nobody was there for me. That is before I found MDJ!

I have found and met such good people on these forums. I never ever knew there were such compassionate people before MDJ. It's also nice to know that I can come here anytime and get support for what I am feeling. I feel like I have met some wonderful life long friends. It is also an outlet for me to try and help other people that are hurting. It gives me a good feeling inside and gives me self confidence in helping other people.

I hope MDJ will be as good for you as it has been for me! Many Blessings and Much love.
" (jayna01)

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ElsaSalsa im up and down constantly lately. and i doubt any of these entries will be happy haha
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May 12 2009

woooh i read a book

 ive always always loved reading, and stories and even writing.
but i have struggled for the last few years with reading. it is such a struggle to try to concentrateon processing the information i'm reading, I have just given up trying to read.

a few weeks ago i picked up a book i had started about a year ago, i had been thinking about it (it was a true story written as a novel about a haunted house) and i was curious as to how it ended and I finished it!

 last night i bought a book called "exit here" by jason myers, at barnes and noble, and started reading at about 130 and i didnt go to bed until 430 (only because the sun was coming up) i finished it this morning, it was great. and it was pretty damn long!!!!



It made me feel great, and I'm looking forward to reading more and more books and I'm even getting more inspired to write again.

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