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  "for my friend" (Kmber)

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joanne82"MDJunction means to me - A family away from family, somewhere I can go
to talk how I feel and be supported. I love to talk to people who
understand how I feel and are going through what I am. I have gained
many friends at MDJunction who I truly care about
" (joanne82)

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lken i will change my name to why me. or why not me. i have only one of them. best i can do with who me is. what would life be without the voice in my head

making friends

Apr 26 2012
i have been here on mdj, for a while, i know i see things different than most people here, i like writing to people and making friends here, i am very out spoken i know and write about stuff most peoplenever heard of.  anyway, when i start to write i have to be on guard what i write,  we have the censors everywhere, can not write taboo stuff because it can set someone off,  so i wonder how open is this open forum, is it help or mold us like tv,  only write what is pre-scripted.  well might as be writing to myself and talking to me inside my head.  i have written to some good people here,  but it is still  be careful  in what is written. 

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written by jstsIm, April 26, 2012
We do have to be careful on the bullitin board, where we respond to topics, and if we are afraid that what we write in our diaries can or will be used by someone to hurt us, we must limit either our true identity or our words. But what we write in PM's or chat is private! There we can say what we like or need to say...
I am an open book Iken! I long ago came to accept my past without a need to hide. I talk about it all at some point, not caring who reads about me and my past shortcommings! In this way, I find a way to healing and recovery...Forgiveness of self and others...
Really , the only two topics we are not suppose to talk about are church doctrine, and suicide plans...Other than that, for the most part the floor is open....Most of us do try to respect others in our speach, Not swearing alot, or disrespecting anyone, being adults if we read something we don't like or disagree with, PM the other party or don't read it!
How much we share is up to us and our needs and goals, it is for us we write!
written by jstsIm, April 26, 2012
You amaze and delight me with your quick mind! I love you!

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