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  "Had cervical and endometrial over 30 years ago." (kat1380)

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nvrsubtle"Not having any local Bipolar support groups where I live, MDJuntion has given me a place in which people understand what I am going through and has given me a new outlook on life with support that is real and good. Without
the support that I receive from MDJunction, I would be wandering through
life with no one who understands me. I owe so much to MDJunction for giving
me a life line to help get me through the toughest times.
" (nvrsubtle)

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Down time

Feb 22 2012

Everyday so busy with work and daily life. Maybe i just trying to make myself busy. Choking myself with a lot of words and feeling. I don't want to trouble my friends.  feeling down now. nothing is permanent so the down time is also not permanent. Now i realise, i hope i can have the strength soon to overcome it.

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written by uplifted, February 22, 2012
Hope for you its a short 'permanancy' smilies/smiley.gif
written by Nicolet, February 22, 2012
You KNOW you have the strength !!! .. and like you said.. nothing is permanent.. the only thing permanent is love. Fill your days with love, love your self! and remember after every storm...comes the sun!!

Good Luck,
written by rainwater, February 23, 2012
Thanks to all! i will try! smilies/smiley.gif

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