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Mar 14 2012

Finally got a piece of homework that will have to make sense to me. Got to make a poster for health studies about 'how to look after a baby', before i got pregnant i probably would of wrotethe simplest things, but i know its not as simple as people think. I will have to learn from this homework, and this project at school...i need all the research and advice i can get! 

 But anyway Leo's growing so fast, i seem to be getting bigger each day, i cant wait for my next scan on friday, and my next 4d ultrasound appointment scan on the 29th! This pregnancy seems to be going so fast, but it seems to be taking for ever for my baby to be crazy!  

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written by chipsbaiigul, March 17, 2012
i never got a 4D ultrasound! i didn't even know there were such a thing when i was pregnant. how did your last one go? when i see the pictures, i can't decide if i think they're weird or awesome. haha.
written by Layce15, March 17, 2012
My first 4d ultrasound wasnt very clear, because i was only 18 weeks, i'll be 22 weeks at the next. My scan on friday went really well. Leo's dad was his first time, so that was really special. I know what you mean, 4d ultrasounds make your baby look like a complete alien, but they are so beautiful smilies/smiley.gif

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