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  "Along with a lot of physical ailments I also am bipolar. I know how hard it is ..." (Elleescape)

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Nevayda"Mdjunction Tourette Syndrome site has given me the opportunity to share my experience of raising a child with TS, with others, especially those with new diagnosis. Support is essential for families and individuals with tourette as is information. I'm glad to have the opportunity to be there. I also learn as I go as others share their experience and knowledge." (Nevayda)

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dixiehisle1 Wed. 6-9 Today was pretty good. I did the bank statement and got the correct balance the first time through for the MIR records. It's nice to go to the farm and hang out with my boys. My girl bought groceries for supper, fixed a good, well balanced supper, and even had seconds herself! Well done L! Plus she did a good job cleaning up quickly afterwards. NICE.

July 11, 2010

Jul 11 2010
I've been having to work a little on feeling ok.  Choosing joy instead of being depressed.   Don't know exactly why I've been a little on the down side except maybe I startedfeeling like it's hopeless to think I can have a nice, straight house.  There always seems to be another mess to present itself and I can't seem to have a nice clean, neat house all in one day.  I feel disillusioned.  But it's better to enjoy my daughter while she's still at home and not worry about everything being neat and tidy.  Just got to count my blessings and I'm ok.  Reading two good books, "The Unfinished Gift" which my cousin and my mother have both read and Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People".  I think both are an inspiration of God and He has called me to read them at this time.  Planning on having better relationships with family and friends because of what I'm learning. : )

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