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  "For my mother who died from Stomach Cancer." (beaux)

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scotty04901"MDJ to me is an added phase in my recovery as a 44 year survivor of a TBI. I hope that with what I have lived through in those years, will be able to help all those who are just now going through. It is important to understand that even after 44 yrs, I am continuing to recover and to evolve. I just hope I can help others." (scotty04901)

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dixiehisle1 Wed. 6-9 Today was pretty good. I did the bank statement and got the correct balance the first time through for the MIR records. It's nice to go to the farm and hang out with my boys. My girl bought groceries for supper, fixed a good, well balanced supper, and even had seconds herself! Well done L! Plus she did a good job cleaning up quickly afterwards. NICE.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Jul 02 2010
Got up later about 9:30.  Still got quite a bit done.  Took 54mg. Concerta then and now it's 10:30pm and I'm ready for bed so don't have to take a sleep aide like I thought.  Got my exercise by doing some housework and swimming my 10 laps at the pool.  Got some sun today too. =)  Just not seeing eye to eye with my husband lately.  The same ole standoff on sex.  Almost always a problem.  He wants it and I usually don't.  He doesn't understand or else he can't do anything about it that I need to "play"( have some fun before sex).  Just some friendly talk or kidding around.  I have to have a lighter mood to get in the mood.  Does anybody know what I mean???!

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