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jenniferdiva"MDJunction has been just an amazing support for me. The people who are on mdj are so nice! Unlike the many other support sites that I have been on. I have made several friends on mdj who are so supportive and so educated about mental illness. Of course non of us are doctors, but we certainly offer each other hugs, opinions, and advice. I have learned a great deal from my friends on mdjunction. I am also encouraging other people who suffer from mental illness to come on to MDJ. It can be a life line." (jenniferdiva)

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Wed. 6-9 Today was pretty good. I did the bank statement and got the correct balance the first time through for the MIR records. It's nice to go to the farm and hang out with my boys. My girl bought groceries for supper, fixed a good, well balanced supper, and even had seconds herself! Well done L! Plus she did a good job cleaning up quickly afterwards. NICE.

January 2, 2012

Jan 02 2012

Christmas break is over.  Went back to school today.  I would like my job as an aide if I felt appreciated.  Having been a teacher in my own classroom, I miss that feeling of importanceand accomplishment.  Now since I wasn't rehired as a teacher at this school, I feel mixed feelings and sometimes I don't feel welcome in some classrooms and esp. the room I share with...

Thurs-Mon. 15-19

Jul 19 2010

Mike and I went to Southwood Shores Lake of the Ozarks and stayed in a condo for 3 nights.  L & J came Friday and we all went tubing, ate at Bobbers and had supper together.  They leftthe next morning so J could get to work.  Mike and I went to the Main St. Music Hall and it was really entertaining.  L & J had a blast tubing while Mike drove the boat and I watched.&n...

Wednesday July 14th, 2010

Jul 14 2010
Got up at 8am.  Took 54mg Concerta and the Citalopram/Celexa.  Started period but I'm gonna push through it and have fun at the lake anyway.  I didn't let my bad feelings about my countertop get to me.  I just thought about my options and after I put some more touch ups on it and ran out of paint, I admired my almost finished product.  People might even think it...

Tuesday July 13, 2010

Jul 13 2010
Got up at 8:00.  Took 54mg. Concerta still haven't taken Celexa.  Maybe should take it tonight or should I wait til in the morning.  Guess I'll wait til in the am.  I noticedsome anxiety.  Didn't feel as confident like I did last time I saw Dr. Frick.  I was actually nervous for some reason...maybe because I hadn't taken the Celexa cause I was out this...

July 12th Monday 2010

Jul 12 2010
Today was a good day.  Got up at 7:00 cause cleaning lady was coming.  54mg Concerta.  Straightened a little for her, did laundry, ran errands, and started on a 3 step project of paintingthe kitchen counter to look like granite.  Like it so far.  DirecTV went out on our main t.v. but I'm ok.  Waiting for M. to come home and it's already 8pm.  Have to go o...

July 11, 2010

Jul 11 2010
I've been having to work a little on feeling ok.  Choosing joy instead of being depressed.   Don't know exactly why I've been a little on the down side except maybe I startedfeeling like it's hopeless to think I can have a nice, straight house.  There always seems to be another mess to present itself and I can't seem to have a nice clean, neat house all...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Jul 02 2010
Got up later about 9:30.  Still got quite a bit done.  Took 54mg. Concerta then and now it's 10:30pm and I'm ready for bed so don't have to take a sleep aide like I thought.  Got my exercise by doing some housework and swimming my 10 laps at the pool.  Got some sun today too. =)  Just not seeing eye to eye with my husband lately.  The same ole standoff on...

Thurs. July 1, 2010

Jul 01 2010
Got up at 7:20am.  Yeah for me.  Took 54mg. Concerta.  Feelin pretty good.  Gettin laundry done and a little housework.  Got groceries.  Was great to see sonny come by with Mike.  Gave him a little squeeze. ; )  He gave me a little grin.  Getting daughter to pick her green beans and mow the yard while I defrost the freezer and finish laundry. ...

Wed. June 30, 2010

Jun 30 2010
I had a nice day today.  Got up at 7:30 and was ready for C.H. when she came to clean.  I got up and got moving.  I think that's the trick.  Get up and get going.  I straightenedL's room cause she was already gone to the farm for a meeting with her ag advisor.  I should do that more often.  Does my heart good to see my basement clean and straight.  M...

Monday June 28, 2010

Jun 28 2010
Didn't get up til 10a.m. Called P.E. as I had asked her to go to lunch on Friday and she said she was off work on Mondays.  We had a nice lunch at new Mexican restaurant.  Told her to callme.  Couldn't get in the mood to do anything today except pay the bills.  I did make supper and do the dishes and put in a couple of loads of wash.  Need to take the 54 mg. of Con...

Sat. June 26, 2010

Jun 26 2010
Today I got up at 6:00am and ran  my garage sale for the 2nd day.  Quit at 11a.m. which my husband said was the approp. time so we would have plenty of time to get ready to go on our outing with our Sunday School class.  Of course he was right.  I would have thought I could work up to 12 and then hop in the car and get to our church van by 12:30 not thinking about any primping...

To talk with Diane about at my next appt. 6-29-10

Jun 24 2010
(6-24-10)  I want to be more independent and feel smart enough and capable enough to take care of myself.  Hopefully the Concerta 54mg. will help me focus and feel like I am capable of determininghow to solve my own problems with relationships, etc.  Need to build my confidence in my own intelligence, decision making, and social relationships!  I can't rely so much on frien...

Thursday June 24, 2010

Jun 24 2010
I had a very good appt today w/ Dr. Frick.  I took 36 mg of Concerta today. Dr. Frick was very attentive and listened to how I was confused on how large a dosage of Concerta I should take.  He was very reassuring as to my IQ because I usually feel pretty dumb in comparison to my family and friends.  He thinks that when I get on the right dosages I will be able to fill in the holes t...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jun 24 2010
Not feeling as happy as I was before I had dinner with my brother, Miles.  I guess I compared myself to him and I came out inferior in personality, maturity, and intelligence.  I guess I projectedthat he thought badly of me from the things I said and my appearance even though I thought I looked kinda hot for a 54 year old.  I projected that he thought I was inappropriate for a meeti...

Saturday June 19, 2010

Jun 19 2010
Today was good.  Enjoyed taking our two dogs for a walk at 9 a.m. then worked on getting ready for my garage sale, paid the bills, did some laundry, made my husband a father's day card, got mydaughter up and doing some chores.  I made a nice roast dinner for my husband and daughter.  Feels good to be home and have time to straighten the house and have time to cook and also be ou...

Monday June 14, 2010

Jun 14 2010
Today is a good day.  Finally getting over a period with sharp pains and stomach problems.  Yuck.  But today I feel good.  Getting things done and feeling good about myself.  Not feeling lonely and needy.  Alright!  10:30 a.m....

Sunday June 13

Jun 13 2010
Today was ok. We went to S.S. and church.  Both were good.  Learning to be a person of service instead of just a consumer of God.  Don't know what I will do yet but everyday is an opportunityto serve God through others.  Just need to be observant and do for others.  I am concerned though about getting caught up with someone who could be a parasite.  I'm not st...


Jun 11 2010
Today is a pretty good day.  Slept in til 10 then ran and got a few groceries at Aldi's (savin money ; )  Feel better than yesterday.  PMS had me down all day yesterday.  Paid some bills.  Having a good outlook.  Not feelin lonely.  Just good to be with myself. : )  Am learning to let my 17 yr old pay her own consequences.  Let her know she needed t...

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