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  "I have been living with HPV." (beautycurls)

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PhilPhil46"MDJ is a second family! The support is incredible, It's members are caring,
helpful and there to cheer your success, encourage you when your down, and motivate you to keep moving forward. I have suffered 11 yrs with Panic
Attacks, on and off. I had little hope left, when I found this site, today I
am filled with hope and coping! Thank you all! :) philphil46
" (PhilPhil46)

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Tinikka25 Today was a hard day for me emotionaly but Im making it through the day with my other half spent time with my step kids today to the boys out to get a hair cut today enjoyed the walk and the sun. And also went to play basketball with my oldest step son an just so you know I kick ass but had to go do to the COLD you know what that do to us Lupus people but Im making but Im okay MD Family.......

How I felt today

Apr 05 2009
Today I felt like I was nothing I felt like I didnt care about anything that I was lower than low I felt like  I was not even in my right stay of mind I felt like I was not even real. My mind wasblank I was walking slow. But it is what it is...

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