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  "I had a pituitary tumour." (Lindeli)

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julie411"The parents of addicts group has been the greatest help for me. When I first found out about my daughters herone addiction, I was crushed. I felt numb, helpless shocked and alone. I did not want to tell any one. I did not know what to do, or know how to handle it.
The parents and leaders of this group were life savers. They helped me every step of the way. The compassion, love and support is amazing. My daughter is now a recovering addict.I know even if this were to change, I have my support. I love this group so very much.
" (julie411)

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Missing you

May 13 2011

Missing you terribly today.  Not sure why nothing really going on just really would love to have you here by my side today.  Keep seeing former colleuges post notes on FB like "Wish I had today off", "Wish I didn't have to cover summer hours this afternoon"  couldn't resist posting a reply to tell them that things could be a lot worse than having a job and having to work today. 

Also you got an invite today to a webinar about folks whose Colon cancer has metastizied to the liver.  Was a little late. 

Love you so much.


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