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  "I am a supporter of Parkinson's Disease...My Father-in-Law is suffering from thi..." (nitedazzler)

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MissNikkiAnn"When you have an illness with the name "Non-Familial Dysautonomia" (a name that most people, and even doctors, have never heard of), you need a network
of people who understand the name and the symptoms/issues that come with it.
MDJunction led me to that network of people during a very confusing and sickly time. For this I am thankful. And for this reason I try my best to give back to other members the same care and help that I received through MDJunction.
" (MissNikkiAnn)

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TayyylorM This diary is motivational. I hope it helps me as much it does my readers. Please take the time to read this because it's everything you need to hear

Goooood Morning!

May 16 2012

I hope you woke up smiling because if you didn't, you should. Be happy because you woke up this morning. Smile because you were given another day of life! Some people didn't get that wonderfulgift. Be happy you're healthy and breathing. 

Don't let your life pass you by! Every day is a gift. Don't waste it! Go make something of it. Don't have any regrets! Love without limitations; live without questions; laugh like there's no tomorrow<3

Have a fabulous day!



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