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Hazey420"When I found MDJ I was in a point in my life that I thought would never happen to me My ex-boyfriend of 20 years left me he said that "He was done taking care of me" I have had FMS since 1995 and he knew that and now since I have gotten older it has gotten worse. He met someone online who in fact is not sick and moved out of my life and to florida to be with her.I lost everything I had my house, my friends, myself as I thought. One day I came upon MDJ looking for some sort of support and noticed the FMS forums and knew that I could help people knowing that I have had it for so long and there are allot of us out there who have and no one understands us when we speak of the pain that we are in. The forum and the great friends I have met and made here, They make us smile with their comments when we are in the worst pain of our lives, they make us laugh when we dont feel like laughing, they make us talk when we dont feel like talking, just to let others know how WE all feel, they care of us when we feel no one out there does care, and they help us get through the days when we cant get out of bed. They also make us feel like we are not alone when we feel that are. I dont know how I would of gotten through the changes that have been going on with my life without them. That is what MDJ means to me." (Hazey420)

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somethingdif I'm up on the computer alot. The weather has been crappy.
So I'm putting my journal online

Slow to keep up April 25 2012

Apr 25 2012

Well since my last diary entry I had to go to the hospital and see a Pdoc. My referral to one still hasn't gone through.  He said my Mdoc put me on the right stuff just no anti depressants. 

So now I'm just starting to feel better. I knew something was missing. Anyway, It's only been 2 weeks since hospital so the meds are just kicking in now and my Mdoc doubled the dose.

No more black thoughts. Just dealing with shot nerves, jumpiness if something touches me unexpectedly, stuttering and pausing and lack of stamina.  But aren't we all?

Thanks for listening


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written by Joy75, April 26, 2012
I'm sorry you had to go to the hospital. I hope that referral goes through very soon for you so you have a psychiatrist to help you. I'm glad you are starting to feel better. That is what we all want. You are making progress. Black thoughts are not fun. I'm happy that they are gone. You are doing great. Keep up the good work.

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