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Nevayda"Mdjunction Tourette Syndrome site has given me the opportunity to share my experience of raising a child with TS, with others, especially those with new diagnosis. Support is essential for families and individuals with tourette as is information. I'm glad to have the opportunity to be there. I also learn as I go as others share their experience and knowledge." (Nevayda)

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somethingdif I'm up on the computer alot. The weather has been crappy.
So I'm putting my journal online

April 12 2012

Apr 12 2012

Up at 341 am. took meds.

General feeling mediocrity.  I'll start morning swimming next week.  I'm going to attempt to ride my bike today if it doesn't rain.

I'm not enjoying living with this mental illness anymore. Not satisfactory, not happy.  

I've been a good person my whole life and ended up in shit. I will continue to be a good person no matter what so I guess that means I will continue to end up in shit.  I look back and care to repeat nothing of my life.

 Hell on earth. blah.


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