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The Waterworks

Mar 06 2012

This is the main reason why I'm never happy with myself, and others are never happy with me. 

There is something in my mind that makes me react to over-stimulation and stressthe same way a toddler would- by crying about it.

This is the main reason no one takes me seriously.

You're not supposed to cry when someone calls you crazy, and certainly not when someone calls you over-sensitive. Or when you forget your homework, and your teacher gives you a look. I'm pathetic. 

I shall be moving on 

I'm caught between being mature for my age (I've preferred the company of adults since I was about 10) and regressing back to toddler-dom, whenever the mood strikes me.

I love pink and bows all that is frilly. I find myself clinging to my mother and repeating her name over and over. I prefer watching Nick Jr. to Degrassi. (Being a Brony came naturally) And crying at every. last. thing.  

Yet I don't fit in with kids my own age, not because I lack their immaturity, but because I find  them immature. I'm the kind of loser that uses proper grammar and capitalization on Facebook. Their lack of any sort of intellectual conversation exhausts me

I don't mean to offend or to stereotype, just to speak. 

I never went through a phase where I was embarrassed of my parents. If my mom walks into school, I'll proud scream, "I mommy!" To my parent's joy, I never went through the teenage snarkiness phase. 

Conclusion: I'm every age except the one I am now.  


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