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saralaurie"In the 3 months I have been with MDJunction I have developed a sense of calmness. I now friends who do not judge me because I have been a mental mess at times. It is such a good feeling to have friends I can tell my deepest thoughts and always get back to me with their support. I have never seen a therapist for long periods of time. Right or wrong, this is the best therapy possible for me. Thanks Roy for getting this up and running and making such a difference in my life. Sara" (saralaurie)

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boysinabooth Keeping a daily record of my Crohn's and how it is affecting me in all aspects of my life.

Final (At Least I Hope) Surgery

Jun 25 2010

I went in for my surgery on June 14th everyone! It was a success and I no longer have the ostomy! I ended up spending a week and a few days in the hospital for recovery time, plus I ended up gettingan infection in my incision. I feel like a new person. I now can know when I'm having a bowel movement. For some people that may seem weird, but this is just such an awesome thing that has happened to me.

I'm still recovering though. I wake up in the middle of the night in pain and have to take my pain medicine. Oh! Good news though! When the surgeon opened me up, he didn't see any traces of my Crohn's disease. He took biopsies just to make certain of it...and I am in REMISSION! Ah! I am so happy to hear that! I feel like my whole world has been turned right back around! I no longer have to worry about my Crohn's pains and the horrible nights of no sleep because of the pain.

Right now though, I'm having loose stools. Does anyone know about how long this will last after an ostomy reversal? My surgeon said it usually just depends on the person, but generally it takes three to four weeks. It's already been almost two weeks.

Hope this finds everyone well!! 

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