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  "I am on the Autism Spectrum." (dondigan)

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Fmsdaddy"Md Junction to me is my safe place. A place where I can feel safe to just open up talk about everything without burdening my wife. With all my health issues its nice to know that I am not alone, suffering form fibromyalgia,depression, and costochondritis with anxiety is a nightmare. Having the great people here at MDjunction is so great its hard to put into words. I dont think I would be getting through what I am going through without this great resource. I think everyone should know about mdjunction!" (Fmsdaddy)

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feeling hopeless

Sep 09 2008

Today the pain is so bad- worse than ever. The exhaustion is so bad I've fallen asleep at my desk today at least twice. Nathan is beside himself to the point of being up at 2 am in a panic attackand bursting into tears this morning. His job is stressing him out, we have no money, the rent and car payment haven't been paid this month and I'm trying to find any reason to get out of my...

grumpy day

Sep 07 2008

Today, I fully expected to have a relaxing day. Not so. I get up, go to the bathroom and come back to find Honey getting dressed to go to work. Now I'm here with 3 kids who have a list of choresa mile long because I can't imagine folding this one load of clothes sitting here, much less cleaning house. They have chores anyway, and nothing is major on the list, but my 11 year old is whiny...

Another day off

Sep 03 2008

Flexaril works well. So  well, in fact, that I'm not sure if I got up this morning when the alarm went off, but I recall Honey saying something about calling me in. I couldn't move. I was ASLEEP. I stayed that way until just a little bit ago, when I awoke in pain from muscle spasms again. This time they were in my back. Not an enjoyable experience!

So now I've taken the f...

Hallucinating again

Aug 25 2008

Browsing through the forum, I thought I saw one that said "Fibromyalgia Guilt" but it must have been in my head because it said "Fibromyalgia Group" something. Of course, it couldbe a hallucination- I seem to be having them, or "visual disturbances" as it's called on all the symptom lists. Anyway, I thought about what I thought I saw...I have that. Fibromyalgia...


Aug 24 2008

This morning I was up early thanks to my kitty, Sweet Tea, and her 6am kisses. I once saw somewhere a sticker or something that said "there is no snooze button for a hungry cat" and that fits her to a T. Then, we had to take Adam to do his last day of community service and had to be out the door at 745. I normally don't go, but today I was up and Honey said we should get grocery s...


Aug 12 2008

Today is tough. My eyes are killing me, the cinnamon smell in the women's bathroom is making me sick to my stomach and my back hurts. Honey is having trouble with work, telling me he just wantsto quit. We can't afford that. We can't pay the bills as it is. I sit in this chair at work all day shifting and stretching, hoping the pain will subside, but it just gets worse. At the end of...

This week

Aug 09 2008

This week has been tough. I was finally diagnosed with FM after suspecting it for years and having doctors tell me it was not FM. Finally my neurologist, on my second visit to her, started asking questions. Then the tender points test and she said it was plain to see. I have every symptom...even the eye problems. IBS, headaches, brain fog (I hate that one), you name it. It's been coming on...

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