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  "Eating Disorder." (faithbeans)

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Robin34"MDJunction to me is about community and connection with people from all around the world, giving and receiving support, strength and comfort during the more challenging times in our lives, and sharing happiness and positivity during the joyful times in our lives. MDJunction to me is about building amazing friendships through compassion and empathy, being a lighthouse for each other when we find ourselves in the dark. Oya Gazioglu" (Robin34)

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cuckoo My mood swings are so funny. Day time I am hopeful , energetic and night time I am terribly depressed and suicidal and full of anger . This is the story of my daily life. I do not know why I am like this Flashbacks - bad flashbacks reminding me that I am a loser my mind is like a garbage bad memories garbage - racing - small pieces my mind is non stop editiing small pieces form my past - I wonder if this is bipolar mixed or rapid cyling or a combintaion . These doctors are idiots something is not working right. I was energized but I do not feel too good. SInce I am crushing on the anti-depressant I have a tendency to feel shame . WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME_ WHY CANT I BE STABLE WITHOUT ANY MEDS ...Read More

Efexxor 75mg

Dec 19 2010

8:00 PM

I woke up at 12 pm today and I took an effexor. I ate less than usual . The effexor was ok for a while for about 4   hours - I felt good and hopeful   and in harmony with the environment - maybe due to caffeine consumption or whatsoever reason after that I started to feel wired. I was alert - The bad memories were not flooding my mind anymore - But I felt distracted (kinf of felt like as if I were on meht) not comfortable but not too bad - Maybe I felt like as if I were on reductil- Had some nervousness but I had control -  My pupils were wide open .  I was not in the daydreaming mode actually - . I was alert but I would not be able to learn anything new at all .  I think I showed some manic tendencies with a lot of  controlling look .  I had some confidence . But this state of mind does not feel good . I feel a little awkward . No sexual energy whatsoever . It is frustraing because I can  not find the right medication :(

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