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  "I am mentally disabled and my son has autism" (bwmung)

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jpcrps"When I found MD Junction, I was in the beginning stages of RSD/CRPS. I was scared, lacked knowledge about the condition, and felt very alone.

MD Junction changed all of that for me. I found friendship and terrific information from people who had first-hand knowledge of this syndrome. It was and still is a big part of my life.

MDJ was my first step on the journey of grief; from denial to acceptance. I am now inspired to help others by sharing this amazing site and sharing my own experiences. I am very impressed that one forum site can provide hope and inspiration to people suffering from so many different conditions. I am proud to be a part of this community.
~ Jenny
" (jpcrps)

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spacemonkey follow along as i try to kick a multi-year addiction to painkillers and alcohol and take other steps to sort my life out. perhaps hilarity will ensue on the road to success

day far so good

Mar 19 2010
so i felt better after finding this site and posting a hello and rambling about my current problems, and i took that momentum and have done well for another 30 hours or so.  the plan is to keep to2 painkillers a day to keep the withdrawls away and then wean off of that.  so far, i've been able to do that for 3 days.  and today was a test-i did a job that usually causes me great pain without taking more percocet.  and last night, when i got home from a 15-hour day at work, i had my nightly dose (and no more) and a tiny glass of wine (instead of half a bottle of vodka) and one cigarette (instead of 6-8).  and today i felt much better when i woke up than i have in quite a while....good incentive to keep it up.  well, it's time to go home now and try to do well again.  wish me luck and best of luck in your endeavors....we'rea ll in this together which makes it a bit easier...

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