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Why wear a ribbon?

  "because I have asthma" (allalone42)

MDJunction to me

jayna01"My name is Jayna and I wanted to take this opportunity to say how much MDJunction has meant to me. I always felt so alone before I joined in April of 2012. I felt like there wasn't anyone that really cared about me and what I was going through. I felt like there was no one that would truly listen to me in what I was feeling. Nobody was there for me. That is before I found MDJ!

I have found and met such good people on these forums. I never ever knew there were such compassionate people before MDJ. It's also nice to know that I can come here anytime and get support for what I am feeling. I feel like I have met some wonderful life long friends. It is also an outlet for me to try and help other people that are hurting. It gives me a good feeling inside and gives me self confidence in helping other people.

I hope MDJ will be as good for you as it has been for me! Many Blessings and Much love.
" (jayna01)

MDJunction testimonials

cleaning up my mess?

follow along as i try to kick a multi-year addiction to painkillers and alcohol and take other steps to sort my life out. perhaps hilarity will ensue on the road to success

2 weeks....

Mar 30 2010
i don't know how i'm doing now....mostly, i've done really well, but then this weekend i slipped and now i feel worse.  and my finances being a mess doesn't help...and not gettingenough hours at work....and friend drama here and there....right now i feel like this is all pointless.  i know tomorrow will be better.  it has to be.  right now, i just don't know...

i want.....

Mar 27 2010
busy at work, but it's starting to get to me so i thought i'd write.  i only had half a pill this morning and i don't have anymore and i really really want one right now.  not forpain, really, but just to have that bit of extra chill here at work.  i think i'm glad i don't have any or any way to get any right now because i need to be able to do this, but it sucks...

busy busy...and slipping

Mar 22 2010

well, this is gonna be short cuz i have a ton of studying to do for a test this week.  i've been off work for the past 2 days and still busy (homework, housework, cooking, shopping, etc...).  i drank more wine than i planned last night-it was the first time i've seen my roommate in a week and we drink together.  i need to learn to not be influenced by him or our routine....

day 4....and the challenges mount....

Mar 20 2010

(i think it's day  yep)  last night i did well to not go out with the cast cuz i would have drank and then drove (and spent money i don't have).  instead i camehome and had 2 glasses of wine and smoked about 4 cigarettes.  not great, but not bad.  i was very excited from a good opening night and it being friday but i showed restraint.  today i...

day far so good

Mar 19 2010
so i felt better after finding this site and posting a hello and rambling about my current problems, and i took that momentum and have done well for another 30 hours or so.  the plan is to keep to2 painkillers a day to keep the withdrawls away and then wean off of that.  so far, i've been able to do that for 3 days.  and today was a test-i did a job that usually causes me great...

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