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  "In memory of my dad, who died of a brain tumor when I was six." (zomgzoe)

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shamarie6"MDJunction to me is a place of refuge. A place I can come to for the support that I need, as well as a place to support others in need. A place where I don't worry about being judged because of my disabilities & there are people who truly understand what I live with on a daily basis." (shamarie6)

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littlepea This is going to be my way of trying to cope with my husband's illness. The illness his doctor said he didn't have that nearly killed him on 2-15-09 when his esophagus exploded (my best description of what happened that night).

Easter Sunday

Apr 12 2009

What a beautiful day it is! We went to church this morning, the first time in a while. The service was so nice and it was good to see some of our old friends. Today was a good day for my husbandbut it wore him out, he's in taking a nap now. My day started out with me feeling down but now I'm feeling pretty good, think I'll take a walk outside.

Tomorrow he has an appointment with the hepatologist, we're hoping for a good report on all his blood work.

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