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Wednesday, November 2nd

Nov 02 2011

After reading some more info. on fibro it made me think about is there a tie between having fibro and having been through a traumatic experience sometime prior to the diagnosis.  I candefinitely say that I have gone through a traumatic experience when I was in my twenties.  My first real boyfriend was psychologically and physically abusive to me.  I stayed with him for well over two years partly because I was afraid he would find me and hurt me even worse if I left him and partly cause I really did love him and hated to give up on him.  Well regardless finally I left.  Even when you leave such a traumatic experience it isn't like it just is gone.  At first after I left I was worried about any phone call, any letter, any male that may have looked like him may have actually been him, etc.  Over time of course I thought about him less and less but there is always still a part of me that the thought of him is still a little stressful.  I am one that does believe that stress  plays some type of impact on your body sooner or later.  I also think the part of you body or parts of your body it effects has a lot with your predisposition to where you may have a weak area or areas.  I am wonder if it's true of the others with fibro here.  Have you experienced some type of traumatic even anytime before you were diagnosed with fibro?  Do you think it has anything to do with you ending up with fibro?  I look forward to hearing from others who care to share on this topic.  I also am willing to answer questions you may have.  Take care. <hugs>


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