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  "My father, aunt, Godmother, and for myself." (Holy1knobe)

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MisaBlue01"MD Junction has been a safe haven for me. I have met so many caring and understanding people and i don't feel so alone anymore with my bipolar. I now know that others suffer as well and that we need each other for support. I hope that one day we can all learn to love and respect each other more and that no one will have to suffer anymore." (MisaBlue01)

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Rachel8125 The ups & downs of life with bipolar.

Frustrated and Stuck!!!

May 24 2012


I've just had a "disagreement" with my partner.  Feeling like I want a bit of a shouting match, but he doesn't do arguing. Can be quite frustrating when youjust want an anger outlet.

What do you do if you can't have an argument with someone when you're angry with them? I feel so guilty shouting at someone who is calm, and I feel like a complete freak then! Sometimes I just want to shout and scream and punch through a few walls, though I doubt I'd get very far!

I just never know what to do with pent up anger. It's all stuck inside me.

Think I'm angry with myself for stuff too: too many things to talk about. But I just want to scream!!!!  

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