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Zetchen53 My first ultrasound at 10 weeks pregnant.

Just frustrated.

Oct 24 2011

Well I just found out Dan has a new girlfriend. I know I'm
the one who broke up with him but it doesn't make it feel any better. My mom
really wants me to take him to court for child support but I know that would
bring up the problem with the paternity test and everything and I really don't
want her to find out about it at least not while I'm living with her and my
step-dad because I know that she'd flip and there's already enough tension in
my house at the moment.

every time I look at Michael he just reminds me of Dan and it really frustrates
me I wish he wouldn't but I know he probably always will. I just wish that I'd
find a guy that's family oriented or something I mean I like older guys anyways
but it still seems like it will never happen, or if I do he just won't like me
or won't like the fact that I have a baby with another guy. I still believe in
love and all but it's just frustrating right now. Especially since out of all
of my friends I know I'm one of the nicest ones yet my ex-best friend taylor
ends up dating my first ex-boyfriend and is still with him today. It's all just
very frustrating I guess.

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