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  "Everyone I know, including myself, who struggles with Mental Health." (kimmy8888)

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1magicman"Before i found MDJ i was in the deepest darkest part of my life after my abduction. I wanted to feel safe. I wanted that sense of being a normal person.Finding MDJ and the people with in it has steered me down the correct path into the light of hope. The feeling of hope that i was not alone,the feeling of hope of understanding,and the feeling of hope to move on. I never give up hope." (1magicman)

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lovehopefaith26 I'm tired of holding everything in.


Jan 24 2011
How do you close that part of your life that was so screwed up? It never really goes away and will be with you for the rest of your life. So how do close that chapter? No one is going to be able to giveyou back your childhood, or innocense that they took from you. You live your life day by day trying not live with bitterness or hate in your heart.  Deep down all I want is closure and to stop hiding and stop suppressing it.

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written by maryandjimmie, January 24, 2011
I know for me whats gone from me can never be brought back so all I try to do now is journal when I feel down and remind myself i am a strong person because i survived it. This site helps out so much because when i am down i have people on here who know how im feeling and can relate and be there for me. They are always so loving and understanding and that helps so much.

hugs mary

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